Sometimes we get emails or messages on our social media. We like to respond to each one.

how can you be so mixed you are a fucking disgust to the human race can you even be considered as such I don’t think so. fuck you mulattos this is jake paul.

Hey Jake Paul, thank you so much for your email and taking an interest in the Enough movement. If you’d like to make a donation then please visit our website. In line with our vision we do encourage a donation equal to or above 45% of your income. If you’d like to distribute flyers then, in line with our vision and the need for dedicated action, we ask that you commit to distributing 150,000 flyers or more in any one week period. If you’d like to arrange a one to one meeting with our visionary, supreme leader – Tank McGowan – then this can be arranged for a nominal fee of $15,000. For all other options press 2.

Sincerely, Burt Bacharach.