About Enough

Why are we struggling to survive when we no longer need to?

Our Vision

For the first time in 3.8 billion years, one species out of billions to have existed is poised to transcend life’s greatest challenge… the struggle for survival. Humanity now has the means, the resources, and the collective will, for all human beings on this planet to live in material security. No one, no longer need struggle to survive.

Through our technological and social development, we are now able to ensure that every human being has the food, water, shelter, clothing, medicine, safety, and education, not just to survive, but to thrive too. This truly remarkable accomplishment need now only be realised and made manifest. It is to this end that the ‘Enough’ movement is designed and dedicated.

A Better World

To do so would not just end immense suffering for billions of human beings, but would unleash vast human potential that would transform our world and benefit all human beings, from the rich to the poor, as major progress is made in the arts, sciences, and philosophy.

Our Duty

It is self-evident that, if all human beings can have material security then all human being should, and that, if any human being can help another to have material security then they should help… as a priority, to the best of their ability, without being compelled to compromise their own material security.

World Situation

Our situation is severe and urgent. Twenty two thousand children die every day because of poverty whilst one third of all food produced is wasted. Billions of dollars continue to be spent on unnecessary, avoidable wars that devastate countless lives and communities. Twenty one trillion dollars is held in offshore accounts whilst half of the world’s population live on less than three dollars per day. In addition, worst of all, we exploit and destroy the very environment that we all need just to exist.

This is not just crazy and immoral, but something so much more – a wretched illness at the heart of our species that does not reflect our true nature or intelligence, and that requires a radical transformation, not just of our societies, but also of ourselves. The Enough movement is designed and dedicated towards taking the strongest, most decisive peaceful action necessary to end this madness, and help create a world that reflects the wishes and needs of us all.

Our Objectives

Our initial objectives are:

• Make the realisation that we no longer need struggle to survive into the dominant, defining narrative of our times
• Seek endorsements from experts in their field to support the claim that no one, no longer need struggle to survive
• Develop the activist community into an effective force for change
• Redistribute food waste to those in need in the form of free food markets
• End unnecessary and cruel austerity programs
• Campaign for the introduction of a universal basic income
• Encourage and support ideas and projects that will help to achieve material security for all human beings

Our Strategy

Our strategy is simple… unity, compromise and cooperation. We will talk to and work with all human beings, with the simple aim of creating mutual understanding, finding a common ground, and developing a middle way forwards that benefits all with minimal harm or sacrifice from anyone. We will pose no threat, and meet all and everyone with friendship and respect. We all lose when we fight one another, and humanity no longer has room left for losing. We need to find a way forwards together.

Achieving This

Ending the struggle for survival will not be a simple or easy task, but it will be achieved. It is estimated that it will cost around fifty billion dollars a year for three years to end poverty. That is less than one percent of the twenty one trillion dollars being held in offshore accounts. It is a small fraction of what the wealthiest individuals in the world hold.  This vision is possible. Not only is it possible, not only is it so clearly the right thing to do, but it is also the deepest, most primal, most universal desire of all human beings, and one that transcends all our petty differences. In this, we are united.

We are not arguing for a utopia. We do not believe that we can have heaven on Earth. We do believe, however, that no one need struggle to survive. We do believe that we do not need war and violence to resolve conflict. We do believe that it is possible for our species to thrive without destroying the very environment that we need simply to continue existing. This is not a pipe dream, but a reality that thousands of years of human progress has allowed us, here and now, to realise and experience. It is just a choice that we need to make.

How You Can Help

• Think about, discuss and share this vision. Ask the question ‘why are we struggling to survive when we no longer need to?’
• Think about how the struggle for survival has harmed humanity, from crime to greed, from poverty to war
• Think about how material security would benefit humanity, from less suffering to unleased human potential
• Think about what ‘material security’ includes and how we can achieve it, from social projects to technological innovation, from political campaigns to philosophical development
• Think about how you can develop yourself to become an effective force for good in the world, from personal development to personal sacrifices, from further education to meeting new people

We are looking to build a team. If you have experience and knowledge about building an effective movement then we would be interested in hearing from you. We are also looking for people with organisational skills, and people with marketing skills, especially in social media. Please send a CV and covering letter to the email below. Thank you.

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